Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Sentinel Online : News : Local : Shippensburg graduates urged to use their talents

Hello Masquers -

I was feeling sentimental & googled Doc. Here is a picture of him from this year leading the graduates. How does he look so much older? Didn't time stop when we all left Ship? I wish he would join our blog...or Facebook!

The Sentinel Online : News : Local : Shippensburg graduates urged to use their talents


BING! said...

Adam, The Sentinel freelancer that wrote the story, also wrote for The Slate. Met him in '07.
Sage Ober is the outgoing General Manager of WSYC. Saw and talked to her a couple times 2 years ago.
Sob! They grow up so fast!
When I pointed out to Sage that my name was on the Golden Microphone Award winners plaque at the radio station, she seemed pleased to actually meet somebody in the flesh that had won the award. Guess they must have phased out the award, and the plaque became a curious relic to future generations.

BING! said...

Doc looks uncharacteristically thin too.

David + LisaBB said...

Last year I emailed Doc, and got a nice letter, if somewhat cryptic in Doc style back. I will try and find it again to repost. He leads the graduates, because he is the OLDEST faculty member. WACK-EEE!