Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just Wondering

Chris & Jeff spent their honey moon at Dutch Wonderland.  Is anyone surprised? No, not really.  I remember my grandparents taking me as a kid. It is geared to smaller kids, no Rotor like Hershey Park.  But can any of us still ride those rides anymore without popping a case of drammamine first?

After a careful re-examination of Chris' original email thread, it seems more people do favor Dutch Wonderland--except for Scott and his lazy ass who wants us to come to Kennywood.
A Dutch Wonderland Stay puts us closer to Galen's house, which he has unbelievably offered to host some pre or post park festivities.  He doesn't know it yet, but we are showing up with our tent for the night.

I know, I know, who doesn't love chocolate?  But who among us doesn't also love a good dose of kitsch?  And it doesn't melt in your mouth, or hands.

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Michelle said...

Hello lisa-

Sean and I are going to the Dave Matthews concert at Hershey Park on 7/24- is there any interest at getting together around that time? Let me know