Thursday, August 21, 2008


o.k. some people had glorious vacations in Italy and the beach. We went to Potato City and looked at the stars at an abandoned air-strip in a zero light pollution area of northwestern Pennsylvania. Did I mention that unbeknownst to us a bear lived in the hanger? The Allegheny Mountains however, are just glorious. It's been a long time I drove for hundreds of miles without seeing a Walmart or chain restaurant.

Luckily, we sought refuge at the Potato City Motor Lodge. We were literally the only guests -- surrounded by stuffed hunting trophies. All the other rooms were open with beds unmade. Kinda like the Shining. They gave us a key-- and we were lucky to get the jungle room.
We stopped at a look-out at a dam. The sky was strange during our trip. One side was sunny and the other rainy. We drove through rainbows.


Lara said...

I think your trek sounds fun too. I've been out in some of those mountains (for work, actually!) and the solitude and depths of the wilderness is breathtaking.

CatherineCZ said...

Sounds peaceful & magical. Great pictures.