Monday, August 11, 2008

Scott, As Requested

Sorry it's taken me a while to get this posted -- and you have to admit, it's not nearly as interesting as the pics Galen has shared -- but here are Scott, Stuart, and Vera with our crew, when they drifted through Maryland in July. Can you believe we actually didn't take the camera out until just before they left? We were too busy catching up on some really interesting episodes in Scott and Stuart's lives, walking the beach, and watching Vera roll her eyes at Scott every few minutes.


Scott Mc said...

We had a great time and it was nice to have Stuart spend some time with you guys. Definately looking forward to meeting at the cabin at some point.

Lara said...

Come on a lighting-free weekend. We were out there last weekend only to discover that the enormous hemlock in our front yard had literally exploded from a direct lightning strike. Amazingly, nothing hit the house. I'll post pics of the carnage soon. If it had happened while we were there, you would still be mopping me up of the ground!!