Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who is this?

Does anyone know who I'm sitting next to in this photo? Just curious.
Thanks. Oh, and that really isn't a Keystone I'm holding. I would never be caught dead drinking such swill from a can.


chrom said...

I have no idea. But I laughed heartily at your expression.

Constance said...

Honestly, Galen. DOn't you remember when you were engaged to the werewoman of shippensburg. You cad.

David + LisaBB said...

I'm getting something--Nathan? Jason. That's definately the wall paper, couch and afgan (Chris Chromiak signature piece) from the Bietsch house-circa me and Chris. Wasn't he the tall skinny blond mullety guy?

BING! said...

Nathan McNeer - that's the guy! Werewoman of Shippensburg indeed :)
'That ain't no lady, it's a guy with a mullet'

BING! said...
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