Thursday, February 12, 2009

Funny how ... time flies

2008 meant 20 years since forming an alliance with the Masquer miscreants. It also marked a related milestone of 20 years out of Souderton Area High School.
In what's been a mixed emotion project, I'm helping to put together a somewhat belated 20 year reunion for my class in May. It's actually closer to the 21st anniversary - haha.
Two of my classmates, two of their colleagues, and I are in a band called Fish Relics. We're pretty good ;) I'll post photos when I get them.
Every so often at band practice, the guys I went to high school with would wonder aloud what was up with the big 2-0. By August, we realized for certain that none of our classmates had done anything substantial toward earnestly planning a reunion. Maybe there is something to that slacker Gen. X stereotype.
Lead guitarist Pete Licona and I got the ball rolling by e-mailing everybody we could think of. The word spread.
Oh yes, Facebook has played a role. But I'm still not a convert.
Even with all this supposedly helpful technology, I still have to mail out some 124 invitations the old fashioned way.
This thing has put me through some wicked mood swings. There are days I get depressed and say: "What am I doing this for? Is this really a part of my life that's worth revisiting?" Other days, there's a cheerleader in my head ("Which one?," quips Pete) that says: "Yeah, but if you pull this off, nobody can dare declare you the Mayor of Loserville ... ever."
Wish me luck!
Fish Relics will be playing the reunion, and one song I'm particularly looking forward to singing is "Head Over Heels" by Tears for Fears.
You might be interested to know that I just got my hair styled into that shag haircut like when I grew it really long in 1990.


Lynn S said...

Wow Bing that sounds like a lot of work planning a class reunion. I think they cancelled the last one that my class had scheduled due to lack of interest. I never have managed to make it back to any of my HS reunions. I hope someday you decide to give facebook a try. There are several masquers who have lots of fun photos posted. And the privacy settings are really helpful for keeping away the crazy ex-boy/girlfriends. I'd love to see of video of your band if you ever get a chance to post one.

David + LisaBB said...

I've gone to three of my highschool reunions, all with mixed emotions. There are only a few people that I am still close to from highschool. Get ready for some awkward moments, and a few memories that you had no idea were still in there.