Tuesday, December 9, 2008

When the Weather Outside is Frightful

There's nothing like a heap of Masquers piled on your bed to keep your toes toasty when the temperature drops.  In the mid 1990's, I waited for it to get nice and cold to head to Binghamton, NY were Bob, and John & Lara were in grad school.  

I'm not sure when the tradition began, or who began it. I would guess Scott, but it could have been Ross.  Then again, it also smacks of Constance.  A weekend morning at a Masquer house, empty bottles of grain alcohol and cheap beer line the stairs.  The remains of the previous nights party guests also strewn around the house, in various stages of dress and consciousness.  Suddenly, someone or more than one has taken whatever blanket you managed to end up with.  There are yells of 'Shree', poking, tickling.

And this tradition didn't end with college.  I think it got more intense with the addition of pets and children.  Whenever I'd visit Masquers, I made sure whatever I was sleeping in had a 'G' rating, never sure if there would be a toddler hurled onto me before I even had my contact lenses in.  

Which is not to say, that I was only ever a victim of this phenomena. I took a certain glee from doing unto others, and it was always the more the merrier.  Chris & I visiting Scott in Pittsburgh giggling as we climbed onto his bed.  I think it had to be done in groups.  Otherwise, this would be a completely different post.

These pictures are from two trips in the early to mid 90s.  Some of the pics are labeled with 1994, but the hair in some looks much earlier than that.  


CatherineCZ said...

Oh, these all look so warm & cozy & festive. The weather dropped down to the 50s last night & we had to turn on the heat! Hee hee. But our cat slept with us, so that's festive.

Lara said...

Those pictures are a riot. All I remember is laughing from beginning to end. And one year, the tree fell over after everyone left.
I think I have some bed pics too - but from different times and places, ha ha!