Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sand in our shorts, and other places

We have been trying to figure out how many years ago we first started invading Bethany Beach, Delaware. Each of us seem to have different recollections of how and when it all started. All that we are sure of is that if it wasn't for Chris Chromiak, none of us would be here right now. John, Lara, their two offspring, Liam and Gretchen, Bob and his fancy convertible BMW, David, me and, for her first trip, our Maizie (plus my sister Wendy) are all enjoying the waves and fried food.
Over the ten to twelve years we've been eating boardwalk fries and beer showers, alot has changed in Bethany.  It was a little disturbing to arrive this year to discover a large empty lot where the the cute old 1950's hotel used to be, even more disturbing that you couldn't see the ocean from the boardwalk because the pesky Army Corps of Engineers had put up a large sand dune between the water and the boardwalk, all in the name of a little eco-conservation.
Our activities have also changed over the years. I remember putting jigsaw puzzles together with Eric & Chris on the upstairs porch of the Super Surf & Sand.  Now the Lutz Scotts seem to have these bizarre family rituals that include pirate impersonation, and 'do-it-yourseld' mummification.
It doesn't seem quite right to be here without Chris.  
Somehow, we'll find a way to get over it.

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CatherineCZ said...

Oh, this looks so fun! I also heard you had a mystery guest... Maybe she got scared away by the pirates & mummies!