Thursday, July 31, 2008

Like Sand Through the Hourglass

There's nothing like vacation photos to wash that evil taste of work out of your mouth.  
Some highlights-
  • Finally having Maizie at Bethany.
  • Having Gretchen, Liam, Auntie Lara, Uncle John, and Aunt Nanny Wendy around to keep Maizie from drowning or hurling herself off of the porch while I swilled beer and caramel corn.
  • Gretchen's Beautify Ocean City program--picking up all the stray plastic bags from the beach.
  • Cruising for hot guys with Lara in Bob's dead sexy convertible BMW mid-life crises car.
  • Air Hockey  & Ski Ball in the arcade.
  • Having Michelle Eddinger Cullen get burnt with the rest of us on Friday!!!

You don't know how many kids we had to push under just to get some alligator time for the grown ups.

Umm, no that's certainly not my husband doing the Martha Graham Dance Spectacular.

Can you believe that Lara & John have been married twenty year.  She hasn't changed a bit.  Too bad John has really let himself go.

Me clobbering the sharks and getting the high score of the day.  That'll show those 5 year olds who's boss!!!


chrom said...

Who was in charge of John's sunscreen?

Son of J said...

This whole Bethany Beach thing has triggered a flash back for me. Between the screaming and crying, I seem to remember getting a rather cryptic postcard back in the mid- to late-nineties mentioning a Masquers Reunion to occur at Bethany Beach on some specific date. There was no return address and zero details about where in Bethany Beach or anything else. My parents live below Dover and I was visiting them that weekend and I actually drove down to Bethany for the day and drove every street in the freakin town looking for some Masquers banner or otherwise obvious indication of a reunion party. Nothing. I couldn't find anything going on. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Or was it all a cruel, cruel joke on a past Golden Anvil winner?

BING! said...

Eric, you're not imagining things. I recall hearing some kind of murmurs to that effect in 1994 (though I have no idea from where) not long after I had moved to Winchester, Va. I admire your dogged pursuit, but aren't you glad we have this technology now so you don't have to go on a "National Treasure" odyssey based on a cryptic postcard? LOL

David & LisaBB said...

Eric, I thought that was you driving by!!!

Son of J said...

Lisa, do you think that was before or after I was stopped by the summer cops for "suspicious activity."

chrom said...

Son of j,
I sent postcards out to people for a reunion at the beach (just b/c there were already 10 of us there)...without much success. Now I know- I didn't give enough information. In a weird way, I'm glad people got the cards though.