Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rites of Spring

The breezes are blowing spring all over Connecticut today.  I spent the afternoon with Maizie and Monty in the yard.  It made me think of Shippensburg springs, when we were 'studying' for finals, but mostly just lolling in the grass outside of Lackhove Hall.

That's Glenn Rutter and me, Barb Horn in the tiger stripes, and Michael Barbella and Ross in the background.

Classy shades, Ross!

I think International Male still sells Glen's bathing suit.

Scott in the Amadeus Hand Puppet T-Shirt.

Hey, Somebody put a dog in my pool!

1 comment:

BING! said...

Ooooh, the swimsuit issue.

All those open windows at Lackhove reminded me how hot those dorm rooms got because they weren't air conditioned.
Bet they have central AC now.