Sunday, April 13, 2008


Hi all... that's right, you all new this day would come sooner or later... I'm being arrested. On June 18th the Muscular Dystrophy Association will be taking me from work (YEA!!!), arresting me (BOO!!!), taking me to a restaurant/bar (YEA!!!), and putting me in jail (BOO!!!).
Clearly I'm a little conflicted about this.
Apparently I'm stuck in jail until I can raise the bail money to get out! Now, I know what you're thinking and NO you can't donate money to keep me in jail!
So, if you are able and willing, I'd appreciate any amount you can donate to the MDA. ($5, $10, $25, $2,600... you know, whatever)
You can donate at the following link:
Thank you all!

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Lara said...

Scott, I'm speechless. I laughed out loud when I saw this photo, on a mornign when I really needed to start the day with a laugh. Someday Vera will publish a book called Life with Scott, and I will be among the first in line to read it!