Thursday, January 17, 2008

YAY, Finally got some snow!

I watched the snow all afternoon out my office window with anticipation.
3:30 finally arrived (Okay, 3:20 but who's counting!) and I was out the door. Stopped for gas, picked up Josh, got some broccoli at the store- Josh loves his broccoli- then home and on the slope by 4:20. Grabbed the camera for some beauty shots since the house goes back on the market next week. Then it was time to play! J-man takes after his dad and loves playing in the snow. The sun went down WAY too soon and dad had to make some dinner. Scarfed it down quickly and got outside for some more fun and had just enough time to make a snowman before bedtime. Now they're calling for rain overnight. Damn!


chrom said...

I love snow too, but alas, all we have is mush here in CT. I'm the one who bundles up and goes for walks in the snow instead of hunkering down inside. Guess J-man is a healthy eater like his dad.

David & LisaBB said...

OH my GOD! His little brain is bursting out of his HEAD!!!!