Thursday, January 3, 2008

Home Fur the Holidays

Christmas at the Hartford Stage is always a special time. We take a whole afternoon just to decorate the costume shop. Our 'mink deer' are those little furry creatures that your grandmother may have worn strung around her neck. They sport ball fringe harnesses and gold pipecleaner antlers. I like to think that dressing them up and putting them on display is 'recycling'. They're already dead, we might as well get some more use out of them. And yes, Santa is a puffer fish. I'm not sure why, but we had one, so we stuck him in the shoebox sleigh. And yes, Rudolph's nose does light up. Watch out Macy's!!!!

From CHristmas Past-

Last year the we did a Minktivity: Mary, Joseph and the 3 Wise Minks.

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Constance said...

Ahhhahhhhahhha, THOSE ARE FANTASTIC!!!!! I love the sleigh. I love the creche. Oohh, my sides....Ahhhahahhah. I'm going to show everyone at work. THey will love them too.
I'm going to go look at them some more...