Saturday, December 15, 2007

Road Trip 2003 to Lisa & Chris

In the fall of 2003 I took a road trip up to visit Chris & Lisa. Saw some engagement rings, some real 'characters' and went to a castle. Here are the pics, you figure out what's what!

Castle first! Okay, I don't remember where this castle was, or the name. Chris and Lisa, do you know... help a guy out! It was very cool with a great view. Was that Monty the dog who came along for the ride?

It was a great trip and in desperate need of being done again. I'll post more pics from the trip soon.

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chrom said...

Well, I don't know the name of it either- at top of Sleeping Giant. Would love a visit again-- we owe you some karma for all the times you've put us up in P-burgh.