Friday, December 21, 2007

It's Not Christmas Yet!!!!!

It's Michelle's birthday first! Yes, it's her birthday tomorrow & I thought I'd share some of my favorite Miss Michelle pics!

This is how we would be celebrating if we were together. Although maybe she's not this happy to be turning 39... Hee hee!

This is Michelle saying, "I'm going to know you guys for HOW long???!!!!" (Even John seems stunned.)

Shiver me timbers! Michelle is thirrrrrrrrty-nine! Arrrrrgghhhhhhh!

Here is Michelle in her "Heat Miser" phase. Wasn't she cute... and festive?

Michelle was always a glamorous girl with glamorous friends.

Here are Michelle & I on her first trip to Hollywood. Marilyn & Jane better watch out!




chrom said...

Michelle, hope your birthday is wild and fun!!

Michelle said...

Thanks catherine for the lovely sentiments and photos. It is nice to be reminded of the days when I had a nicer-figure, better-skin, fuller-hair, plumper-lips, longer-eyelashes......I could go on but I will spare all of you. And I take little comfort in knowing that Catherine will always be a few months younger than I so I daringly go forth into the big 40 before her (but I have 361 days left).

David & LisaBB said...

Happy belated!!! I can't wait to send the Dancing Hamster back to you next year. Then you can send it to a new version of the slimey Dog Award--you remember, the half a dead rat in a jar?

BING! said...

Michelle is especially cute in the Heat Miser pic. Sorry I never expressed appreciation for your beauty. But better late than never.