Monday, August 13, 2007

What Chris Forgot To Mention

Ok, so Chris isn't admitting to grey hairs. It's true she does not drive a minivan, but that hip little Matrix she has is still just a tarted up station wagon. Here she is at her last birthday party. The '40' on the tiara does not represent how many beers she drank that night.

Here are more pictures from our day at the Fake Beach. I kept looking for Boardwalk Fries. Jeff is so much like a Masquer that I keep asking him about 'The Wall' and if he ever drank gin & tonics with Doug. Then he gets this blank look, and I remember he wasn't there. Here he is with his favorite beach read-The Weekly World News.

And Yes, I clearly am Super Mom. New baby. Recovering from China. Setting up blogs. All it really takes is one little thing-'Stay At Home Daddy'. David has 2 more weeks until he goes back to teaching. After that, I'm not sure how I'll take a shower, never mind turn on the computer. We were at a picnic with a bunch of the other moms and babies from our China group. I started getting death threats when I said I hadn't even been to the grocery store without David yet.

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