Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1986-Oh What A Year It Was

Well, now that we know that Mark Saladino has made good, it's back to the important things. Blackmail.
To have any of these photos removed from the blogosphere, simply mail your check to 'Trixie Lives'. And make sure it's a big one, or the pics don't come down.

Aaaaahhh, Scott McCauley. Is Vera surfing the web yet? I can't wait for her to see what else I can find.

Rock Me Amadeus!!! I'm hoping the picture of Denise will draw her away from her Farm Wives Coffee Clatch long enough to entertain us with a story from her Is It Live or Is It Memorex Brain. She could probably tell us what Kriner Diner was serving for dinner the night this photo was taken.


Constance said...

omigod - I used to wear that dress all the time but I sure don't remember the madonna gloves - YIKES! Catherine taught me how to puff up my hair so you can reprimand her for that!!!!

Constance said...

Also, why would I want that picture taken down? I haven't looked that good since 1992!