Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trixie Trip

Constance started the 'Fall Thematic Event' so here is an addition.
Last Sunday was a beautiful New England fall day. We loaded up the minivan and headed to Mystic Aquarium, and yes there really is a Mystic Pizza. It was sunny and cool, but not nearly as cool as we were.

Maizie, me and David. Maizie too interested in throwing herself into the seal pool to pose for the camera.
Some seals, whatever, let's get back to more pictures of us.
Us inside the aquarium. I think there's fish or some junk behind us.


Constance said...

What a cute family. I mean the seals. Har har!!
I'm hoping to take Luther to the Camden Aquarium this fall..... And he's been begging to go the the museum of natural history.... I have to survive tech of the worst Bat Boy ever.... first.

Constance said...

Luther and I are FINALLY getting to the Camden aquarium on a field trip on Tuesday. We did get to the Museum of Nat Hist and he did love it.