Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our visit to the Bebey-Millers, or is it Miller-Bebey's or is it Lisa's Kingdom?

On our way to Maine, Stuart, Vera and I got to stop and spend the night with Lisa, David and Maizie. My first look at Maizie and all reports are true, she is adorable!

Here's David and Maize eating some delicious cardboard.... mmmmm!!!

Vera showing off her culinary talents.

It looks like Vera has her doubts on Lisa's cooking talents!

What a great family. One of these days I'll learn that when i take a picture, take the empty booze bottles out of the way.

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Michelle said...

OMG, these pictures are just wonderful. Scott, you just look great, and of course, Lisa looks as awesome as ever! (BTW, how is that possible? Lisa, what do you eat for breakfast, I am going to get me some of that :)

(yes, that was an amazing display of the English language from an English teacher. duh. )

Maize is so beautiful and Vera is so lovely. It's so nice to see pictures of all of you.

Best, Michelle