Sunday, June 15, 2008

Great Big Walking W meets Son of Jarrell

News Flash: The Walking W met Eric, Son of Jarrell, possibly for the first time, on Saturday evening. After almost 20 years and possibly dozens of near misses in Shearer hall, the two met at Galen's house near Phoenixville, Pa. Good food, drink and company were shared after a session of splashings in the pool.
It is possible that the offspring will be dating soon as the Daughter of Son of Jarrell was heard to profess her love for young Joshua and young Joshua got rather misty as his new friend was pulling out of the driveway.
More later as news develops.


Son of J said...

I never realized just how short the Jarrell Clan is until I saw those pictures...

A very nice time was had on our part as well and lil Ellie shed a few tears on the ride home too. More outings will hopefully be in the future. Next we need to work on getting Galen back on the Boards or at least offering his back stage expertise.

David & LisaBB said...

OH my god, it's all just too beautiful! I can't type now, my eyes are getting all misty.

BING! said...

Sigh - puppy love. That brings back a distant memory or two.
Really glad you guys followed up on your posts to meet up.
"The Great Big Walking W" HAHAHA