Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Great Escape

Bob's idea of movie night went like this, " Hey Lisa & Chris, Let's watch The Great Escape!".
"But Bob, it's 1am in the morning!"
"Does that mean you're making the popcorn or Chris is?"

This week my sister and her dog Porter were up for a visit. Wednesday, Porter and our dog Monty attempted their own Great Escape. Porter dug out under the fence. He was able to go much faster than Steve McQueen's tunnel because they didn't have to sneak the dirt out in their pants legs--which is good since dogs don't wear pants. Monty managed to make it under the fence and over a block before the gestapo rounded him up.


Constance said...

Look at the "who me?" looks on thier faces. Innocent little pups.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. Where'd you get the great still from the film? And, of course, the other part of the conversation for movie nights was always, "You know they all die in the end."
What's everyone doing for Thanksgiving? Anybody going to be in the PA area? I'll be at my mom's in Hanover.